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Advanced Presentation Skills

Learn how to present confidently using practical tools and advanced techniques, so you can successfully engage and persuade your audience.

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Learn how to present confidently using practical tools and advanced techniques, so you can successfully engage and persuade your audience.

As your career advances, your audiences will become more diverse. Communicating confidently and engaging your audience is a vital skill you need to use every day when:

  • leading team meetings
  • running training or workshops
  • presenting a business case to senior leaders
  • attending or leading project meetings
  • pitching for new business
  • attending seminars
  • presenting at conferences.

You’ll learn how to tailor your presentations to suit each audience, especially non-engineers. By the end of the course, you’ll be able to present to people with the decision-making power, people with strong personalities or expertise in different fields, and impact their decisions.

You won’t need to improvise­­—your facilitator will supply all the presentation material you need, so you can start presenting confidently, straightaway.

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1 Day
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Face to Face
Learning outcomes

Learning outcomes

  • Tailor your message to a specific audience
  • Overcome ‘writers block’
  • Structure your information to flow logically and clearly
  • Write with clarity and impact using best-practice, modern writing conventions
  • Create powerful paragraphs to drive clarity
  • Craft strong sentences, selecting words for accuracy and tone
  • Develop effective strategies for the ‘final check’
Is this course for you?

Is this course for you?

Basic presentation techniques are entry-level personal development achievements. However, learning to deliver with high impact is an essential skill for engineering leaders.

This course is for you if you're a senior manager and want to improve your ability to influence an audience. This workshop is not appropriate if you don’t need to present in your role.

This course is open to all engineering disciplines and across all industries.


There are no prerequisites for this course.

Topics we'll cover

Topics we'll cover

  • How to replace fear with excitement when presenting
  • The four steps to developing a successful presentation
  • Preparing a script outline tailored to a specific audience, including a non-engineering audience
  • Using voice variation and projection techniques
  • Forming a relationship with your audience in the ‘arrival scene’
  • Learning how to love your audience (even if they're not engineers)
  • Building and maintaining audience interest, so you don’t ever ‘lose them’
  • Planning for audience interactivity
  • Handling Q&A
  • The storytelling technique and why it works according to neuroscience
  • Avoiding ‘rookie mistakes’ in PowerPoint
Towards chartered

Towards chartered

Take this course to build skills and knowledge in the following Engineers Australia Chartered status competencies*:

8. Communication

Learn more about Chartered Status.

*Completing this course does not automatically guarantee you a competency. However, you will gain the base knowledge you need to develop these specific Chartered competencies.

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