Managing Project Baseline Changes

Optimise the execution of evolving projects through the application of proven processes.
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Optimise the execution of evolving projects through the application of proven processes.

Projects evolve throughout their lifecycle, so projects need to be flexible and allow changes to occur as the engineering develops, yet projects also need to avoid scope creep.

Projects can achieve this balance of flexibility and control through the project baseline change management process. This is achieved by monitoring project risks, ensuring that proposed scope changes are properly assessed prior to being implemented and by ensuring that changes are communicated effectively to project stakeholders.

Too often project change management processes are not well-defined and communicated which results in poor performance, a loss of transparency and disputes.

This webinar provides a number of tools and tips to best assure that your project baseline change management process is robust and set your project up for success.

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Learning outcomes
  • Recognise the importance of planning for project baseline changes
  • Appreciate the relationship between project risk management and baseline changes
  • Understand the importance of assessing proposed changes with a diverse range of stakeholders prior to deciding to update the baseline
  • Recognise the importance of timely decision making regarding baseline changes.
  • Appreciate the benefits of record keeping and communicating changes with impacted stakeholders
Is this course for you?

Is this course for you?

This course is relevant to personnel involved in projects across all industries and engineering disciplines.

Relevant roles include but are not limited to:

  • Project Manager
  • Project Engineer
  • Contract Manager
  • Contract Engineer
  • Procurement Engineer
  • Project Controls Professional (Cost, Schedule, Risk)

And all disciplines of Engineers involved in either Feasibility, Design, Procurement, Construction, Test, Commissioning, hand over or Decommissioning. 


There are no prerequisites for this course.

Topics covered

Topics covered

  • Why baseline change management processes are needed
  • What a baseline change management processes is
  • How do we do baseline change management on a project
  • Key tips and lessons learned from real projects
Laurie Bowman
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