Practical Design Applications of Temporary Works

Understand current design requirements of Temporary Works by Australian Standards and how to apply these guidelines effectively when designing structures
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Understand current design requirements of Temporary Works by Australian Standards and how to apply these guidelines effectively when designing structures

The use of temporary works on a construction project greatly increases the WHS risks involved, where failures are often significant events. This webinar will equip participants with an understanding of current design requirements of temporary works by Australian Standards, and what other local guidelines exist for various forms of temporary works.

This course will familiarise participants with some of the lesser-known international guidelines for various forms of temporary works, and will provide a list of resources that can be found online and via multiple platforms.

We'll cover certain types and forms of temporary works in detail, such as hoardings, formwork, tower cranes, precast panel installation and many others. Design considerations and common pitfalls will be covered to ensure designers are equipped with the necessary knowledge to design simple forms of these structures.

This course will provide attendees with an understanding of the design principles for certain forms of temporary works, how to consider them when designing permanent works and where common pitfalls are.

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1 Hour
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Learning outcomes
  • Have a better understanding of the need for collaboration between the permanent works and temporary works design.
  • Will get a better appreciation of how temporary works design impacts the build of permanent works.
  • Be able to broaden their knowledge about the design of certain forms of temporary works.
  • Be provided with further study/reading alternatives on certain topics.
  • Go through a demonstration of how sites are set up, what key forms of temporary works are considered, and how they are designed.
Is this course for you?

Is this course for you?

This webinar is ideal for structural, civil and geotechnical engineers and project managers with the following job roles:

  • Site Engineers
  • Temporary Works Engineers
  • Method Engineers
  • Other Consulting Engineers

There are no prerequisites for this course.

Topics we'll cover

Topics we'll cover

  • Design requirements for temporary works based on Australian Standards
  • Establishment of design principles
  • Design of various forms of temporary works
  • Discussing gaps, pitfalls and issues
Barnabas Ilko
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