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Winning New Work as a Consulting Engineer

Learn how to step out of the everyday, harnessing powerful skills to win work and secure repeat clients.
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Learn how to step out of the everyday, harnessing powerful skills to win work and secure repeat clients.

The ability to win work and repeat business requires an entirely different skill set from everyday engineering. While you can’t succeed in the long-term without technical skills, strong networking and robust people skills will define your success as a consultant. 

This course will provide the road map for how to ‘win the game’ of getting (and keeping) work. Discover the secrets to communicating persuasively and maintaining great client relationships. But that’s not all: winning work doesn’t stop at getting the right clients on board. Once you’ve won the work, you need to plan and establish a good scope to have a profitable project and a profitable career. 

In this course, you’ll learn:

  • the skills of networking
  • ways to decrease your application to acceptance ratio
  • how to move from transactional consultancy to becoming a problem solver and trusted advisor
  • the power of planning and creating clear scope to amplify profits
  • where you’re leaving money on the table and how to stop

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4 hours, 9am – 1pm AEDT
Location & dates

15 February - 15 February

Additional Information

This workshop will run on the following dates:

15 February 2023, 9am – 12:30pm AEDT


Registration closes three business days before the course.

We can customise this course for groups of six or more.

You choose the time, place, duration and format.

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Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes

  • Maintain excellent relationships with current and potential clients
  • Engage in persuasive conversations
  • Learn fundamental skills for networking
  • Understand the tactics of the ‘game’ in business development
  • Apply the Go/No Go assessment 
  • Bid for the right work 
  • Write winning proposals
  • Plan effectively
  • Create contracts that protect you and keep projects profitable
  • Recognise the best fee structure for your business
Is this course for you?

Is this course for you?

You’ll benefit from this course if you want to increase your success rate in business development. Both in-house and independent engineers can apply the learnings, across any engineering discipline.


This course is best suited to professionals with 5-10 years of work experience.

Topics we'll cover

Topics we'll cover


  • Get familiar with the “game” of business development
  • Do your homework
  • Know the certifications and standards you require


  • Build client relationships
  • Engage in persuasive conversations
  • Understand cross-selling
  • Learn how not to leave money on the table
  • Apply the Go/No-Go assessment


  • Understand the key factors in offers - technical and financial
  • Write great tenders
  • Create effective contracts
  • Decide the best fee structure for your business 
Moein Varaei
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