Online training for engineers during the 21/22 break

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Whether engineers want to get a head start on next year, explore a career adjustment, or they’re looking to fulfil CPD hours, these courses and webinars can help.

The below article was first published by Create Digital on 15 December 2021.

Remote working has been a hot topic since the beginning of COVID-19 – it’s been the enforced reality that many have tried to make an opportunity. But it’s remote learning that might have experienced the more lasting transformation. Increasingly, professional education has shifted partly or totally online.

This does present its challenges. A study published in PLOS ONE looked at US engineering students learning online during COVID-19. It found that “30 per cent of engineering students had work-life balance issues, while 55 per cent of students lacked motivation, and 50 per cent did not have access to a private space to attend classes”.

Reflecting the global change, 2021 was the year Engineering Education Australia launched EEA Online. It’s a suite of training courses designed to support engineers throughout their careers that addresses the above issues by being self-paced and flexible.

Numerous studies have found the key to successful self-directed learning is the empowerment of the individual. For example, research from 2016 published in Cogent Education found that the most important factor for successful self-directed online learning was the “freedom to learn”. 

The courses offered by EEA allow engineers to pick what they want to learn, learn where they want and structure their education around work, family commitments and recreation, rather than having to choose between them. 

Additionally, all EEA courses and webinars contribute to continuing professional development (CPD) hours. This makes them suitable for engineers who are chartered with Engineers Australia (or looking to become so), as they are required to lodge 150 CPD hours over a three year period.

For those who only have an hour or two to commit to learning over the next few months, EEA is also offering on-demand webinar recordings on a variety of interesting topics.

Below is a selection of what’s available over the 21/22 break, separated by format and focus.

Self-paced short courses

With approximately eight hours of learning, these EEA courses are designed to give you a more comprehensive understanding across a host of disciplines.

There are eight technical skills short courses available.

There are three project management short courses. 

There are also three short courses dedicated to soft skills and business acumen.

On-demand webinars

If you don’t have the time for a short course, or there are just specific areas you’d like to learn more about, these webinars are useful. 

There are five dedicated to technical skills.

For those interested in project management, there are two webinars available.

Finally, for those who want to improve their soft skills and business acumen, EEA has six on-demand webinars.