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Engineering Skills Framework

Define capability, set standards, and build a highly skilled and fluid workforce to deliver on organisational strategies.

For Business

Engineering Skills Framework

Define capability, set standards, and build a highly skilled and fluid workforce to deliver on organisational strategies.

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Understanding your workforce capability and skills management are critical factors to delivering your organisation’s objectives and keeping your people engaged.

The Engineering Skills Framework helps you understand what skills you currently have and what you need by translating the workforce requirements of your business plans into clear statements of individual and team capability.

Developed in collaboration with Engineers Australia to tailor to the engineering industry, the framework is supported by leading global skills management software, SkillsTx to provide a data-driven solution to workforce capability.

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What is a Skills Framework?

A Skills Framework is a structure that sets out and defines specific competencies required by individuals working at different levels within an organisation.

Why use our framework?

Enhance workforce productivity, deliver on business strategies, and embed cultural values through a focused set of both core and functional competencies.

Develop clearly defined expectations for your workforce that are aligned to role requirements.

Understand your workforce capability at an individual, team and organisational level and easily select the right people for project teams.

Rapidly deploy your skills framework and manage workforce capability with leading global skills management software, SkillsTx.

Clarify expectations, define individual needs, and show employees clear career paths through personalised development plans.

Select the right people during recruitment by measuring against the role and competency requirements. 

Multi-disciplinary and scalable framework that can be customised to suit any organisation.

Developed with Engineers Australia providing bench-marked industry standards.

Introducing SkillsTx

Introducing SkillsTx

We have partnered with leading global skills management platform provider, SkillsTx to create a comprehensive digital solution to managing workforce capability.

SkillsTx is an Australian based cloud-based and mobile friendly software that is secure, intuitive, and integrates well with common HR systems. 

The Engineering Skills Framework has been embedded into SkillsTx to create a single data source for skills management.

Using SkillsTx Human Resources and Learning & Development teams as well as Engineering Managers can:

  • easily view the Competency Framework, current capability, and any skills gaps and 
  • make data-driven decisions through a wealth of powerful analytics dashboards and reports.

Individual employees will also have access to the platform to:

  • submit their capability assessments, including storing evidence, and 
  • personalise development action plans to meet current role requirements or plan future progression into another role.
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