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Communicate with influence – negotiating your win

The world is watching the Tokyo Olympic Games from a social distance. Australia is celebrating the honour of hosting the

Communicating in microns: the importance of geometric dimensioning and tolerancing

Precision engineering pays big dividends in manufacturing. There’s very little room for error in building a next-generation electric vehicle. And

Avoiding the next catastrophe: piping analysis has real-world consequences

When piping was first used in a built environment 1000s of years ago, it revolutionised where and how communities could

Selecting the right method to assess structural deterioration

All structures deteriorate over time. Buildings, bridges and dams might start cracking, foundations may shift, or metals can start to

From scoping to closure: effective project management at every phase of the design process

For many engineers, the technical requirements of a project are specific and quantifiable. They are relatively straightforward to action. In

Make defensible safety decisions to protect the public from harm and yourself from liability

Anyone with decision-making power on an engineering project can face prosecution if someone is killed because the decision-maker didn’t meet