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QLD Government funds places for 20 overseas qualified engineers

The Queensland Government is funding 20 clean energy places in Engineers Australia’s Global Engineering Talent Program (GET).   


How to design an effective professional development plan for your engineering teams

Here are some practical tips to make sure the training you offer is effective, from Engineering Education Australia’s Education Manager Jason Fletcher.

Skills shortages are here to stay, so engineering managers need to get more involved in hiring

The skills shortage means engineering leaders and managers need to get more involved in recruitment if they want to hire the best talent.

Engineering recruitment: How you can overcome the skills shortage

Australia's ongoing skills shortage can make it challenging to find the right engineers for your team — just ask anyone

Asset maintenance and reliability management: why they work better together

The success of businesses with engineering assets relies on those assets remaining in good working order. And that means managing

Safe engineering design goes beyond avoiding catastrophic disasters

Systematic safety in design controls need to be in place at the earliest design phase of your projects, according to a leading expert in the field, Mike Hurd FIEAust CPEng.