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STEM thinkers key to board success

When a diverse team forms to solve a problem, they’re more likely to discover the best solution. This applies to

The need to boost ‘professional skills’ in graduate employees is high

Employers of engineers increasingly require more well-rounded graduates with more than just technical qualifications. The answer isn’t ‘degreeless’ jobs, it’s

New self-paced training for engineers

With the launch of EEA’s flexible online training courses, there are new opportunities for ongoing professional development for engineers


Project management: Become the orchestra’s conductor

Project management qualifications are in greater demand than ever, so acquiring skills in this area is a smart investment in

Communicate with influence – negotiating your win

The world is watching the Tokyo Olympic Games from a social distance. Australia is celebrating the honour of hosting the

Communicating in microns: the importance of geometric dimensioning and tolerancing

Precision engineering pays big dividends in manufacturing. There’s very little room for error in building a next-generation electric vehicle. And