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Industry insights

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How Lean Construction saves you time and money

Lean Construction, the smart way to save time and money on building projects.

Construction is an increasingly challenging commercial environment

Upskilling engineers in the construction industry

As part of the Construct NSW Strategy to improve building quality and safety, Engineers Australia has partnered with the Office

Want your business to become more innovative? Here are four tips from the experts

Here are four tips that can help you unlock the power of engineering innovation in your business.

Three top tips for presenting your engineering ideas in online meetings

These days, engineering ideas are increasingly being pitched in online meetings. Here are key ways to ensure your presentation is a success.

New micro-credentials promise to boost engineering skills

Australia is in the grip of an engineering skills shortage.
A new series of micro-credentials from Engineers Australia promises to

How to win engineering consulting work - and make it profitable

Have you ever tried to fit more into a day than you know is humanly possible? How about working on