Plan Rail Track Construction

Prove your skills and showcase your experience in developing a comprehensive rail track construction plan.
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Prove your skills and showcase your experience in developing a comprehensive rail track construction plan.

Rail track construction is experiencing robust growth supported by both public and private investment in landmark rail systems. 

The construction of rail track systems requires extensive and complex planning and scheduling. It demands specialist knowledge and skill to synthesise a multitude of environmental and system requirements to ensure the delivery of safe and efficient networks. 

This micro-credential gives experienced engineers the opportunity to have their existing ability to plan rail track construction works recognised and verified to the level of the Engineers Australia Rail Track Specialisation, an industry endorsed standard of practice. It demonstrates that you can: 

  • develop documented rail track construction plans 
  • review and apply design and contractual inputs 
  • coordinate the required resources and equipment 
  • apply appropriate safety and quality assurance controls 

Rail Track micro-credentials are awarded for proven capability and experience through our assessment pathway only. 

Pathway and registration

If you are an experienced practitioner and are seeking recognition of your skills, knowledge and capabilities, the assessment pathway is for you. Completed 100% online, it includes: 

  • access to our EngLearn platform to lodge your assessment submission 
  • assessment of your submission by our qualified assessors 
  • a digital badge upon successful completion 
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Pathway Duration

We estimate this pathway will take six - nine hours of preparation and submission time.

Candidates have up to three months from registration to complete their submissions.

Location & dates

1 July - 31 December

Additional Information

Once you register, you will be provided with a confirmation email containing instructions on how to complete your micro-credential, including how to access the EngLearn platform and submit your assessment.

We can tailor group packages for teams to align with your business objectives or L&D needs.  

For more information, submit an enquiry or call us on +61 3 9321 1700.

Assessment Pathway

To gain this micro-credential, you will need to demonstrate that you do the following in the workplace

  1. Develop a documented rail track construction plan for a rail track section that incorporates,    
    • designed specifications, form, geometry, earthworks and materials    
    • appropriate consideration of site conditions    
    • any relevant contractual requirements    
    • appropriate staging, occupations, and safe working requirements    
    • ARTO standards for construction    
    • inspection and testing, or other quality requirements    
  2. Develop plans to coordinate the lease, engagement or purchase and delivery of materials, human resources, equipment and other required plant for a rail track construction project    
  3. Develop plans to coordinate personnel, materials and equipment with scheduled construction plans and/or occupations   

For full details of the criteria, view the participant guide

How will I be assessed?

This micro-credential is assessed as part of the Engineers Australia Rail Track Specialisation. 

To earn a micro-credential, you will need to show that you meet the criteria in practice. To do this, you will prepare an assessment submission consisting of: 

  • at least two workplace examples from the last two years
  • evidence to support demonstration of the workplace examples, addressing each criterion
  • a written explanation of how the workplace evidence relates to each criterion
  • a video interview where you answer questions about your workplace examples

A workplace example is an occasion where you’ve applied the skills and knowledge of the micro-credential. For this micro-credential, suitable examples include developing construction plans for: 

  • a new mainline section of track 
  • a new rail yard, level crossing or turnout/crossing work 
  • reconditioning of an existing section of track 
  • refurbishment of a turnout 
  • re-railing an existing section of track 

There are many different examples that could be used to show your ability in practice. The same example could be used on two separate occasions or two different examples could be used on two separate occasions.  

If you’re not sure, refer to the participant guide

Evidence is the documentation that supports your workplace examples. Evidence can be submitted in a range of forms. It may include, but is not limited to: 

  • construction plans   
  • construction method statements 
  • staging plans 
  • program documents 
  • safe work method statements (SWMS) 
  • risk management documentation  
  • earthworks and drainage construction plans  
  • staging plans  
  • occupation strategies to accommodate staging and construction works 
Is this micro-credential for you?

Is this micro-credential for you?

This micro-credential is suitable for experienced rail sector practitioners who are seeking recognition of capabilities against the Engineers Australia Rail Track Engineering specialisation. You may have been working for an internal team or as an external contractor. 

If you want this micro-credential but don’t yet have the right skills, knowledge and experience, we recommend enrolling in the Diploma of Engineering Infrastructure (Rail).

Frequently asked questions

We recommend allowing the following time to complete each element:

  • Assessment submission – allow six - eight hours to collate, prepare and submit your assessment submission.
  • Video interview – allow 25 minutes.

You have three months from registration to complete all elements of the assessment pathway and finish your assessment submission.

If you want this micro-credential but don’t yet have the necessary skills, knowledge and experience, we recommend enrolling in the Diploma of Engineering Infrastructure (Rail).

You will be provided with the opportunity to resubmit if your original submission isn’t deemed satisfactory. Your assessor will provide you with detailed feedback on areas and evidence to improve.

To appeal, apply in writing to [email protected]. When we receive your request, a second assessor will review and assess your portfolio of work and the feedback provided by your original assessor. 

Where the outcome of the second assessment agrees with the original assessment, the result stands. Where the assessment outcome is inconsistent, we will engage a moderator to assess the submission, and the outcome of the moderator’s assessment will be final. 

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