Ethical Practice Learning Component

Understand and apply ethical decision-making practices to your engineering work and projects.


Ethical Practice Learning Component

Understand and apply ethical decision-making practices to your engineering work and projects.

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For engineers, being competent in dealing with ethical issues is essential for many reasons, not the least of which is the safety and preservation of human life. 

However, nothing in the modern world is simple, and engineers are constantly required to make or advise on decisions that may conflict with other priorities. In dealing effectively with ethical issues, a professional engineer must apply informed judgement based on values and facts, within an established framework.  

This online course helps you learn about ethics in engineering. It also helps you understand how to develop these skills to obtain the Ethical Practice micro-credential.

You’ll develop your ability to understand and articulate ethics in practice as an engineer. And you'll learn how to: 

  • recognise unethical situations
  • understand ethical decision-making practices, and apply them to the situation
  • engage in reflecting on ethical practices

Upon completion, you'll be able to respond to ethical dilemmas in your area of practice, and further promote ethical practices within your team and organisation. And you’ll understand the skills you need to further develop to prepare for your Ethical Practice micro-credential submission. 

Learning outcomes
  • Have knowledge of and ability to articulate your own ethical perspective.
  • Recognise an unethical situation and take appropriate action.
  • Apply ethical decision-making.
  • Appraise and respond appropriately to ethical dilemmas in your practice area.
  • Engage in ethical reflective practices.
Topics we'll cover
  • What does ethics mean? 
  • Distinguishing ethical and legal obligations 
  • Understanding your own ethical perspective 
  • Identifying and analysing ethical dilemmas 
  • Developing a framework for ethical decision-making 
How you'll learn

This learning component is delivered through an online short course, consisting of:  

  • self-paced applied study 
  • live classroom-style workshop 


  • The self-paced learning will take approximately four hours to complete. 
  • The workshop will take four hours. 

Once you register for the micro-credential, you have 90 days to complete the learning component.


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Nick Stanton FIEAust CPEng EngExec

Nick Stanton is a leader in engineering and management, and an accomplished writer and speaker. A Chartered Professional Engineer, Nick delivers training courses on engineering, communications, ethics, safety, leadership and management. 

During his award-winning 40-year career as a senior military executive in the defence force, he built and led teams to deliver complex programs and projects - in Australia and overseas.  

Nick shares his extensive engineering knowledge during his innovative training courses.