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Selecting the right method to assess structural deterioration

All structures deteriorate over time. Buildings, bridges and dams might start cracking, foundations may shift, or metals can start to

From scoping to closure: effective project management at every phase of the design process

For many engineers, the technical requirements of a project are specific and quantifiable. They are relatively straightforward to action. In

Make defensible safety decisions to protect the public from harm and yourself from liability

Anyone with decision-making power on an engineering project can face prosecution if someone is killed because the decision-maker didn’t meet

Three ways COVID-19 has impacted risk management practice for engineers

After one year of living through a global pandemic, COVID-19 has impacted countless aspects of our professional lives. With businesses

Career move or passion project? Many reasons to study rail track engineering

Mark Langdon is a rail heritage veteran who feels he still has more to learn about track engineering.

It’s never too late

Bridging experience and qualifications in rail track engineering

The Diploma of Engineering Infrastructure (Rail) takes your rail infrastructure experience and turns it into formal recognition. Engineering consultant Tim