New construction engineering micro-credentials target Australia’s skills shortage

Construction in progress of a mass rapid transit line

Together with Engineers Australia we've launched an industry first suite of micro-credentials on construction engineering skills.

Engineers Australia Chief Engineer Jane MacMaster said the new offering is part of Engineers Australia’s strategy to addressing the acute skills shortage hampering Australia’s ambitious infrastructure agenda.

“Engineering is critical to the health of our nation’s construction industry and addressing the skills shortage through targeted action is one of Engineers Australia’s highest priorities,” Ms MacMaster said.

“Micro-credentials aren’t just a training course – they are highly-targeted tools that develop and certify new skills or certify existing skills, to industry standards of practice.”

The suite of micro-credentials follow-on from the benchmarking of skills and competency by Engineers Australia and the Australian Constructors Association, the Construction Engineer Learning & Development Guide (CELDG), and target the highest priority skill demands in the sector.  

The suite focuses on skills outlined in the CELDG for project engineers:

  • Construction Contract Management: Develops and assesses capability to understand construction contracts including commercial principles, rights, obligations and appropriate use of clauses, and the ability to scope subcontractor procurement.
  • Managing Project Costs: Develops and assesses capability to manage and track project budgets and costs as well as communicate budgets and work packages to construction crews.
  • Managing Project Schedule: Develops and assesses capability to develop and oversee construction project schedules including determining the critical path and understanding the commercial impact of change.
  • Managing Tenders and Bids: Develops and assesses capability to prepare, evaluate and coordinate construction project tenders, and contribute to tender or bidding processes.

They are also relevant for construction professionals, providing recognition for their on-the-job skills development, and site engineers looking to progress to the next stage of their career.

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