Professional Year in Engineering Orientation

Professional Year in Engineering Orientation

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Welcome to the program

Thank you for your recent application. On this page you'll find:

  • important information about the program
  • withdrawal, deferral and transfer forms
  • program terms and conditions
  • work placement information 
  • the events report template
  • participant guidelines.

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Key things you need to know


You are required to maintain a 100% attendance rate during the Professional Year program. You must attend all of your classes and internship/work placement hours.

If you're late to any of your classes, your teacher will record this. 

Illness and absence

If you're sick and cannot attend your class, tell your provider before your scheduled class time. If you miss class because you're sick, you must provide a medical certificate. If you cannot, it will count as an absence.

If you know you'll be absent from the program for any period of time, you must notify us and your provider in advance. This will help us arrange for you to make up the missed classes where possible. Read the Deferrals section for more information.

Your work placement is an important and valuable part of the Professional Year program. If you’re sick during the placement period, you must let your host company and provider know straight away.

To notify the provider, use the processes in place to notify them of absences. Let your host company know by phoning your supervisor. It is not sufficient or acceptable to send a text message or an email.

Deferrals, transfers and withdrawals

If you need to defer the start date of your Professional Year or postpone continuing in the program, or transfer to a different provider or a different intake click on the Request button below and fill in the relevant details requesting a:

  • transfer (to a new intake),
  • deferral (to take a break) or
  • withdrawal (to leave the program).

Please note this will now be a two-form process. We will send through the unique request form in the next step and you will be required to provide supporting documentation / evidence to support your case.

Please note transfer / deferral requests will require payment of a $150 administration fee via credit card before the request will be considered.

After we receive your form, a decision will be made. We'll let you know if your request has been approved or declined.

Kindly also note once you have commenced studies you cannot transfer to another provider due to different course schedules and content timeline.




If you're paying your program fees in instalments, you must continue to pay them at the scheduled times listed on your invoice. If you don't, you may not be able to restart the program after your deferral or transfer and a debt collection agency may contact you to recover the funds at your expense.

Terms and Conditions

The Professional Year in Engineering Terms and Conditions contain important information. This includes your rights and obligations in the program. By submitting your application, you acknowledge that you've read the terms and agree to abide by them.


There are several resources you might find useful during your Professional Year.

Before you start

Read these before starting your internship. You'll better understand what employers will expect from you in the workplace.

Engineers Australia membership 

Engineers Australia membership is included as part of your Professional Year program fees.

Professional Year in Engineering participants will automatically be enrolled at the beginning of the next membership year, which will ensure you have access to a 12 month complimentary Engineers Australia membership at the end of your program to support you into your professional engineering future.

Industry news and analysis

Two useful sources of industry news are:

Work Placement Report

You must complete the Work Placement Report to successfully complete the Professional Year Program. The report comprises three sections:

  • Sections 1 and 2: Work placement report
  • Section 3: Other information

Sections 1 and 2: Work placement report

These sections detail what you learned during your internship/work placement.

Section 3: Other information

This section gathers other details about your work placement. Questions include:

  • Did you relocate to undertake your work placement?
  • If you answered yes, which state did you relocate to?
  • Would you be prepared to relocate permanently to secure a career in engineering?
  • How would you rate the Professional Year work placement experience?

Submitting the report

Once you've completed  the report, email it to [email protected]

Please note that we can't report a status to the Department Home Affairs (DHA) if you do not submit the report. You won't receive your completion letters and certificates  until you've submitted the report and Engineering Education Australia has approved it.

Get in touch

Have questions about the program?

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +61 3 9321 1700

Our team is available 9am to 5pm AEST Monday to Friday.

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