Construction Contract Management Learning Component

Build your skills and knowledge in contract management to successfully deliver construction projects. 


Construction Contract Management Learning Component

Build your skills and knowledge in contract management to successfully deliver construction projects. 

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Engineers enter into contracts every day. And as a project engineer in construction, you’ll be dealing with a range of contracts with suppliers, partners, sub-contractors and clients. 

This online short course will give you the contract management skills you need to advance your career. You’ll learn the basics of contract law, your legal rights and responsibilities under a typical contract, and your obligations when drafting, designing or administering a contract. 

By the end of this course, you’ll gain a toolbox of practical tips to guide you through your day-to-day contracting tasks for a construction project. And you’ll understand the skills you need to further develop to prepare for your micro-credential submission. 

Learning outcomes
  • The legal and social context of contract law 
  • Sources of law that govern contracts 
  • The importance of comprehensive contractual documents 
  • Identify the elements of a legally enforceable contract 
  • Identify potential legal issues in the preparation of a contract 
  • Identify appropriate and equitable remedies for a breach of contract 
  • Recognise rights and obligations under consumer law 
  • Identify appropriate behaviours in the contracting cycle.
Topics we’ll cover
  • Introduction to law  
  • Contracts and elements of a binding agreement 
  • Contractual concepts and remedies for breach of contract 
  • Disclosure in contracting and your obligation not to be misleading or deceptive. 
How you’ll learn

The learning component is delivered through EngLearn, our digital learning platform. 

You'll learn using a mix of practical case studies, quizzes and reading, audio and video materials. You'll also apply your knowledge in practice with a variety of assessment tasks. 

It will take approximately eight hours to complete. As it is self-paced, you can start anytime and save your progress as you finish each module. 

Once you register for the micro-credential, you have 90 days to complete it

EngLearn access 

Once you register for the micro-credential, you will be provided with access to the EngLearn platform to start this course. 

EngLearn is powered by Canvas by Instructure, a leading Learning Management System (LMS). 

If you are using EngLearn for the first time, you will receive an email from [email protected] inviting you to set up your EngLearn account.

Supported Browsers 

For best performance, please use the most recent major release of Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Safari. Read more about the current supported browsers on Canvas: 

Mobile access 

EngLearn is mobile friendly, however desktop is preferred. Please read through the following information on mobile access via Canvas: 

Who you’ll learn from

 This short course was designed by industry expert: 

Sean McCarthy 

Sean McCarthy is a solicitor with extensive experience as a construction and general contracts advisor. He is also the Director of Legaleze Lawyers. 

Sean worked in the building and construction industry for many years before completing his Master of Juris Doctor and transitioning to legal practice. As a lawyer, Sean has advised both government and private sector clients on a host of major projects and contract claims. 

Sean is an active educator on construction matters. As a qualified training professional and experienced lawyer, he brings an enthusiastic and participative approach to his teaching. 

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