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Engineers On Boards: Pathways, Positions and Pitch

Improve your chances of winning a board position by understanding your unique skill offering and developing an application to be reckoned with.
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Improve your chances of winning a board position by understanding your unique skill offering and developing an application to be reckoned with.

Engineers excel at processing information, evidence and data to solve complex problems. This unique skill set makes you an asset on a board or committee. Despite these clear benefits, less than three per cent of corporate directors in Australia are from a STEM background.

There are different types of boards and positions for each stage of your career. But applying for boards demands a different approach to applying for a job — even at a senior level.

This practical course is taught by an engineer who's made the shift. You'll learn:

  • how boards and committees are structured and the types of roles you could apply for
  • what's involved as a board member and how to assess your skills against the role
  • how to prepare and lodge a winning application.

This course begins with learning the structure and functions of boards. You'll then build your understanding of boards, why engineers make valuable members, and how your skills fit in. 

Finish with practical information on where to find vacancies and the application process.

After completing the course, you'll know how to find the right board role, and have the ability and confidence to apply for it.

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2 x 3 hour sessions
Location & dates

1 June - 8 June

Additional Information

This workshop will run during the following times:

1 & 8 June 2023, 9am – 12:00pm AEST


Registrations close three business days before the course.

We can customise this course for groups of six or more.

You choose the time, place, duration and format.

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Learning outcomes
  • The fundamentals of boards and committees.
  • What’s required for a board role and how to conduct a self-assessment for board roles.
  • Practical tips for pathways and personalised options of making it to the boardroom.
  • Types of board roles available.
  • Personalising a pitch, a Board CV and cover letter.
  • Steps involved with appointment processes.
Is this course for you?

Is this course for you?

This course suits engineers of all disciplines, particularly if you're looking to take on a board role.

It's valuable for professionals in the engineering industry, including:

  • CEOs
  • executives
  • senior managers
  • managers
  • program and project managers
  • team leaders.

There are no prerequisites for this course.

Topics we'll cover

Topics we'll cover

This course covers a range of topics over four weeks. The modules include:

1. Board Fundamentals

  • Overview of Boards
  • Director responsibilities
  • Stacey’s story as a board and committee member
  • The importance of engineers on boards
  • The future of boards

2. Value Proposition

  • Eligibility and conflicts of interest
  • Skills needed for board work
  • Attributes and experience 
  • Personal summary

3. Pathways & Positions

  • Pathways to the boardroom
  • Types of positions and finding them
  • Determining if roles are suitable

4. Pitch

  • Application processes
  • Prepare Board CV and Cover Letter
  • Selection criteria and forms
  • Interviews and next steps
Stacey Daniel FIEAust CPEng NER
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