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Safety in Design

Understand your legislative obligations to ensure safety at all stages of the design lifecycle.
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Understand your legislative obligations to ensure safety at all stages of the design lifecycle.

Designers, engineers and architects aim to address aesthetic and functional requirements. This should never be at the expense of safety. Legislation demands that designs are safe to build, operate, maintain and demolish.

This self-paced course outlines WHS legislation. It covers how the legislation applies to design practices across each state and territory of Australia. You'll explore your obligations and the consequences of non-compliance with the law.

Using real examples and scenarios, you'll cover:

  • putting safety first in the engineering and architectural design processes
  • how to identify and mitigate risk at each step in the design lifecycle
  • the tools and techniques used to avoid major risks and failures in designs.

By the end of the course, you'll be better informed about preventing dangers arising from your designs. You'll understand your legislative obligations and systematically master mitigating risks at all stages of the design lifecycle. 

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8 Hours, self-paced
Location & dates

1 January - 31 December

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Once you register, you will be provided with access to the EEA Online platform to start this course.

We can arrange a bulk corporate registration for 10 or more learners.

This course can also be customised to align to your business objectives or L&D needs.

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8 Hours
Learning outcomes
  • WHS legislation requirements for designers and architects.
  • Core principles of risk management.
  • Tools and methods for risk mitigation.
  • Risk management concepts to apply in real-world projects.
  • Techniques to implement safe designs.
Is this course for you?

Is this course for you?

This course suits:

  • design engineers
  • architects
  • design managers
  • engineering consultants
  • risk managers
  • project managers
  • health and safety officers.

It also suits contractors in the construction industry, including those in infrastructure design, construction, operation or maintenance.


There are no prerequisites for this course.

Topics we'll cover

Topics we'll cover

  • Introduction to risk management and safety
  • Drivers for risk management
  • Legislation, standards and codes of practice
  • Consequences of poor risk management
  • Designer responsibilities
  • Risk evaluation and mitigation
  • Risk analysis
  • Documentation
John Giles FIEAust CPEng
How you'll learn

This course is delivered through EEA Online, our digital learning platform.

You'll learn using a mix of practical case studies, quizzes and reading, audio and video materials. You'll also apply your knowledge in practice with a variety of assessment tasks and learning checks.

It will take approximately eight hours to complete. As it is self-paced, you can start anytime and save your progress as you finish each module.

Once you register for the course, you have 90 days to complete it.

Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a digital badge as evidence of your achievement. Learn more about Engineering Education Australia’s digital badges including how to claim and share on our Frequently asked questions page.

This also counts towards the number of Engineers Australia Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hours you can claim.

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Made me aware of different risks to think of. The course was easy to operate through the modules and the interactive elements such as exercises and videos were very useful to my learning. 


This course improved my knowledge about risk management and SID. The most beneficial takeaway for me was the meaning of risk management and CHAIR, HAZOP, CHAZOP processes. The course was very user-friendly.

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EEA Online, the online learning platform this course is delivered through, has received three LearnX awards for best practice education design and online learning.