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Recruiting Top Engineering Talent

Learn how to deploy the SPOT On™ Hiring System to effectively compete for and hire the right engineering talent in a tight skills market.
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Learn how to deploy the SPOT On™ Hiring System to effectively compete for and hire the right engineering talent in a tight skills market.

Hiring the right people has never been more important than it is now. We need top engineering talent to help us overcome the big challenges we face, and seize the opportunities of the post-pandemic world.

Unfortunately, due to skills shortages, it’s never been more difficult to do so.

In this highly engaging, interactive and practical workshop, you’ll learn the three steps to ensuring you have access to a consistent supply of top engineering talent:

  • Standing out from your talent competitors 
  • Expanding your talent pool by thinking creatively about how you fill roles
  • Conducting effective interviews while providing exceptional candidate experience to ensure the right fit the first time

You’ll leave this workshop with hands-on experience with several frameworks and tools that will dramatically increase your ability to stand out from your talent competitors, and to hire the right person every time.

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8 hours
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Please register at least two weeks before the scheduled course start date.

We can customise this course for groups of six or more.

You choose the time, place, duration and format.

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Learning outcomes

Learning outcomes

  • Understand the three keys to attracting the right talent in a critically skills short market
  • Apply a practical framework to help you write job descriptions that have the right candidates beating a path to your door
  • Understand  the latest innovative sourcing strategies to broaden your talent pools
  • Utilise practical tips on increasing candidate experience and interview effectiveness
Is this course for you?

Is this course for you?

This workshop is designed for hiring managers and internal recruitment specialists of engineers. It's also relevant for managers, team leaders who are involved in recruiting and retaining talent.

Roles include:

  • Engineering Lead 
  • Engineering Manager
  • Project Lead 
  • CEO
  • All Executives 
  • HR Manager 
  • Talent Acquisition Manager 
  • Project Manager


There are no prerequisites for this course.

Topics we'll cover

Topics we'll cover

Day One

  • Why the hiring manager's role is so important to the recruitment process
  • The cost of a bad hire and of leaving roles unfilled 
  • A practical framework to help you define the specific attributes you need in a role 
  • The three keys to attract the right people - and repel the wrong ones 
  • Real life practices to help you define and tell you story, which will help you stand out from your talent competitors

Day Two

  • Four practical ways to expand your talent pool 
  • Seven innovative sourcing strategies 
  • Practical tips on how to plan, prepare and conduct a thorough hiring process, which helps you hire the best person the first time and provides an exceptional candidate experience
How you'll learn

Delivery platform - Zoom

These sessions run through Zoom. On the day of the short course, you will receive the unique Zoom link at least one hour before the short course is scheduled to begin.

We suggest that you download the Zoom Desktop Client to ensure you can fully participate in the short course. If you view the short course through the Zoom web browser or via a phone or tablet device you may not be able to participate in the interactive elements such as answering polling questions. 

Please read through the following information on Zoom to ensure you are prepared for the short course:

Kim Seeling Smith, Staff Retention Expert
Kim Seeling Smith
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